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Objectives of Counseling

  • To understand one’s own problems clearly.
  • ?िस? ?? ?पन? समस्या?? ?? स्पष्? र?प स? समझन? ?? लिए।
  • To realize what he is able to do and what he should do that means to accept his abilities and weaknesses.
  • यह महस?स ?रन? ?? लिए ?ि वह ?्या ?रन? म?? स?्षम ह? ?र ?स? ?्या ?रना ?ाहिए, ?स?ा मतलब ह? ?ि ?पन? ?्षमता?? ?र ?म??रिय?? ?? स्व??ार ?रना।
  • Develop insight and understanding in relation to self and environment, opportunities open to improve in respect to his potentials and goals he has chosen.
  • ?त्म ?र पर्यावरण ?? स?ब?ध म?? ??तर्द?ष्?ि ?र समझ वि?सित ?रना, ?पन? ?्षमता?? ?र ल?्ष्य?? ?? ?ुनन? ?? ?वसर?? म?? सुधार ?? लिए ?ुल? ?वसर।
  • Decide a course of action by making his own decisions.
  • ?पन? स्वय? ?? निर्णय ?र?? ?ार्रवा? ?ा ए? तर??ा तय ?र??।