Sita Ram Arya Memorial College of Education


Career With Us

Career after B.Ed. &  D.Ed. : Thousands of post of trained  teachers are availabel  in India in Govt. sectors and top schools of private sector e.g. D.P.S.Schools, Mother Pride Schools, Amity Schools, DAV Schools extra. Moreover trained teachers are not available in small private sector schools. Thus there is a great opportunities of immediate  placement  in India after completing this scientifically designed course of B.Ed. and D.Ed. courses.


At present B.Ed. is a two year programme. Till 2014 it was one year course. During B.Ed. course subject to study are education, educational psychology, educational philosophies, pedagogy and the subjects you have studied during graduation are to be chosen as teaching method papers. There are two papers for teaching methods, rest papers are same & compulsory for all. You have to do microteaching at college and mega teaching at schools during the course. Pupil teachers are sent for practice teaching in schools. During b ed you are taught pedagogy to teach a subject rather than knowledge of the subjects. Studied during graduation b.ed course helps a person to learn teaching skills. Teaching is an attractive profession for those who have a passion to teach and want to contribute in upliftment of society B.Ed. is it professional undergraduate course, designed to teach at school level. Best things learnt during B.Ed. course are child psychology, lesson planning and teaching practice.