Sita Ram Arya Memorial College of Education


b.ed college in hisar haryana india

This College  is affiliated to Government  University and approved by NCTE offering 2 year Regular Degree Programme B.Ed. 

Teaching is a profession which brings a huge respect from the society. It is a good teacher who can change the society, as after parents, teacher play a key role in a person‘s life. From historical times, India has a tradition of giving respect to teachers. To become a teacher ,one has to pursue after completing one’s graduation degree with minimum 50%marks.B.Ed is a professional course that prepares teachers for upper primary, Middle level{classes VI-VIII},Secondary level{classes IX-X} and senior secondary.

  • Recently duration of B.ED course is of two years, which may have annual or semester system of examinations depending upon the University.
  • India has the world’s second largest school system after china. Where lots of vacancies for teacher come every year.
  • To become a teacher, it has been made compulsory to have B.Ed degree{ under RTE act}.National policy on education 2019 made B.Ed compulsory as the minimum qualification for teaching in any school {private or Govt.}
  •  One of the importances of opting B.ED course is that it has no maximum age limit. During B.Ed course you will learn lots of teaching skills. Like how to gain attention of your students, how u can make your teaching interesting.
  • You will learn about Educational Psychology which will help u to handle different types of student  problems and their different behaviours.
  • During B.Ed course, candidate come to know about ICT{information and communication technology}.present era is all about technology. Today’s education system is also based on technology. ICT makes teaching learning easier by imparting useful knowledge about ,how to use laptops,cellphones,internet in teaching learning process.
  • While pursuing B.Ed course, candidates will take real life sessions with school students. Candidates doing B.ed are given opportunity to go to schools and teach students which will give real life formal experience and confidence to the candidate.

During B.ed course prospective teachers will come to know about the administrative aspect of the education system.B.Ed course help the candidates to aquire knowledge about our education system,its history and its present status


SRAM College of Education